Barrow Nature Preserve
7715 Long Point Dr
United States
-97° -97' 5.0484000000001" N 30° 30' 15.2004" W

Barrow is a beautiful and highly vulnerable 10 acres located in northwest Austin. Secluded in a cul de sac of a neighborhood along a tributary of Bull Creek. The preserve was deeded to the city by the family of Mr. David B. Barrow. A particularly fine and sensitive feature is a permanent spring. In the spring there are displays of columbine flowers and delicate plants found in protected, spring - fed canyons such as Barrow Nature preserve. Other hill country endemics growing are the Edwards’ Anemone and Roemer’s Spurge. A large population of Spicebush once grew in this area until it was disturbed in the construction of a water and waste water line. In order for the habitat to recover access is controlled to only small educational tours.

Barrow is located in Northwest Austin. A small trail winds along the Bull Creek tributary and is not easily negotiable due to fallen trees and wet conditions.


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