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A Canadian primary school is taking advantage of the Pacific coast's rich and diverse wilderness to teach kids about the variety of plant and animal species around them, while also learning how to respect and enjoy their natural environment.
Natural leader and CNN Hero Marilyn Price has helped more than 25,000 at-risk kids get off the streets and into nature through her nonprofit Trips for Kids, which takes young people around the world on mountain biking excursions.
This year marks the 10th Anniversary Printing of “Last Child in the Woods,” as well as the convening of leaders from the health, government, education, business and youth development sectors at this month's Children & Nature Network Conference, proving to be a very important year for the child in nature.
An ongoing, unresolved case between the police and two Maryland parents who allowed their kids to play outside alone is an ideal example of our nation's culture war over how much freedom children should have to play outside.
This week, natural leaders have gathered in Bastrop, TX, for the groundbreaking Children & Nature Network Conference, focused this year on using digital technology to get kids interested in nature.
A group of mental health advocates in the state of Massachusetts recently got a bill passed, ensuring that all patients residing in mental health facilities would have the right to reasonably, consistently access the outdoors--also known as The Right to Fresh Air bill.
A unique new partnership between the U.S. Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy and Vail Resorts aims to connect kids and families to the mountain throughout the seasons with accessible and engaging programs, including science-based activities that will broaden visitors' understanding of the mountains, the forests and watersheds, and public lands.
A school district in Illinois is taking a closer look at recess and lunch breaks and providing kids with enough options to ensure that it is a positive experience, recognizing the importance of these play breaks in a child's day.
Ecologist and New Yorker Marielle Anzelone recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of creating a forest installation in Times Square, in order to draw attention to the thousands of acres of New York City that are not paved over and need protecting.
BUSH kinders are sprouting around Victoria in a bid to get today’s children back in touch with nature. At Westgarth Kindergarten classroom tools are left behind for a three-hour parkland play sessions once a week.

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