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Two Bay Area educators are teaming up to bring comprehensive environmental education, which is still relatively rare due to shifting budget priorities, to local elementary schools.
Gary Ferguson comments on our growing unease about being in nature, due not only to our discomfort from being "disconnected," but also the fear-inducing portrayal of wilderness in the media.
Santa Barbara's Wilderness Youth Project utilizes mentoring and engaging outdoor activities for young people with the goal of creating future stewards of the environment.
2014 was important for the children and nature movement in many ways, including being the "year that was" for parks and open space, with record levels of new investment in some states and cities.
When 13-year-old Malik from Chicago wrote to Santa asking to feel safe enough to play in his own neighborhood, he never expected to receive a letter back from President Obama.
A new show aims to explain the complex and often frightening issues of our time to kids using a straightforward, science-based, pragmatic approach--as well as stories and music!
Bay Area Wilderness Training, an Earth Island Institute Project, gives young people firsthand, culturally-relevant wilderness experiences, as well as creates opportunities for their educators to receive outdoor leadership training.
The Point Lobos Foundation is embracing the positive value of technology with an iPad app aimed at getting children excited about visiting and learning all they can about the natural reserve.
Outdoor exercise stations and walking paths next to slides, swings and monkey bars: Wonderful, functional multigenerational playgrounds are popping up in areas where retirement communities sit next to family-friendly subdivisions.
Forest schools are taking the UK by storm, and some, such as the new Dandelion School, have no indoors at all. Can these nursery schools adequately prepare children for the rigors of modern elementary school?

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