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The conversation on danger in play continues, as more and more adventure playgrounds encouraging unstructured, free play open around the country. Can riskier playgrounds make healthier adults?
Retired New Jersey couple Steve and Linda Quinn were inspired by Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods" to turn a suburban plot of land near their home into an incredible miniature wildlife sanctuary for local children.
MeiMei Fox delves into a recent study by Nature Conservancy supported by Disney, which reveals that most American parents want to get their kids outdoors more often. This further supports the idea that parents should be their children's stewards, planning nature activities for the family and encouraging time spent outside.
Engagement with nature benefits us all. But recent studies indicate that nature engagement is especially helpful in the education and development of visually impaired children. Encouraging these children to engage all their senses during playtime can aid them in being more resourceful and creative in their learning.
The Edible Schoolyard Project, founded by Alice Waters in the 1990s in Berkeley, continues to grow in popularity as more schools recognize the importance of fostering the connection between young people and the food they eat. In Lake Placid, New York, the long-standing Edible Schoolyard 7th grade program is expanding to the whole school.
Since 2005, the organization Urban Blazers has been helping middle school students from Philly's under-resourced neighborhoods discover the city's hiking trails, parks and natural areas.
From Bwindi to Queen Elizabeth to Murchison Falls, Uganda is rich with national parks. But for years, Ugandans have been vacationing out of the country. Why is this, and what can be done to encourage Ugandans to experience and appreciate the nature in their own backyards?
A National Wildlife Federation report highlights just what little time American kids spend outdoors nowadays and the negative impacts this has on their health. Fortunately, efforts are being made, both at a local and national level, to facilitate sustained opportunities to get young people out in nature.
Two science professors at New Orleans' Loyola University are developing an interactive children's iPad app that guides students through the city's prized Audubon Park, teaching them biology and environmental science concepts that apply to their surroundings.
South Florida's national parks Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program offers teachers new knowledge, skills, and appreciation for Florida's national parks as well as a variety of exciting hands-on experiences in the parks. TRT also helps the park form valuable partnerships with local educators while park staff enjoy the infusion of enthusiasm and fresh perspective these teachers bring.

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